“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” in Charts

Official Charts – The biggest new Christmas songs: How do they compare to the classics?

Do the biggest Christmas songs released this decade hold a candle to the likes of Mariah, Wham and Shakin’ Stevens?

Mariah. Wham. The Pogues. Shakin’ Stevens. Christmas classics are as much a staple of the festive season as mince pies, pigs in blankets and the Queen’s speech. 

Since the introduction of downloads in 2005 and streaming in 2014, many festive favourites have risen from their slumber to climb back into the Top 40, some of them over four decades since their first appearance.

When it comes to Christmas songs, the old adage goes that they don’t make ’em like they used to, but is that true? We look at festive tunes released this decade that are not only essential for your Christmas playlist, but are sizing up a spot the hall of fame. 

Gwen Stefani – You Make it Feel Like Christmas (2017)

Peak: 98
Combined sales: 33,500
Streams: 2.9m

As any episode of EastEnders will tell you, Christmas is all about “fah-mily”. Gwen kept things close to home with the title track from her festive album by roping in her husband Blake Shelton for a quick guest appearance. There’s just the right amount of schmaltz and country-pop festive cheer, so expect to see this reappear in the coming years.

Official Spotify Charts – Global with Streams

All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey 10,819,009
58 You Make It Feel Like Christmas (feat. Blake Shelton) by Gwen Stefani 2,066,191

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