“Tragic Kingdom” 25th Anniversary

No Doubt – We celebrate the release of No Doubts Third Studio Album “Tragic Kingdom”.

October 10, 1995 l 2020

We celebrates the 25h Anniversary today.

“Tragic Kingdom” made No Doubt Famous all over the world. It started in the America with “Just A Girl” (1995). The world followed with the third single “Dont Speak” (1996).

No Doubt came off a 10 year period of wanting success but it not happen.

They were frusterated at this point. The also had set back with releases of studio albums.

So decided after recorded tons of songs to release “the Beacon Street Collection” in March 1995. With their own indipend label.

Interscope finally was on board and it resulted in the release of “Tragic Kingdom” in October 1995.

Eric Stefani who was co-founder of No Doubt decided to leave No Doubt in 1994. Prior of the succes of the band. He did not feel comfortable anymore with No Doubt. He wanted to do his own things. Resulted in the drawing for “The Simpsons”. Which gave No Doubt a Cameo in Season 7. Episode 24 called “Homerpalooza”. During the photo shoot of album art of “Tragic Kingdom”. Eric Stefani is standing in off centre in photos. Kwowing his departure was coming.

“Dont Speak” reached number #1 in Airplay chart for weeks. But it did not reach the Billboard Hot 100. Due to rules at that period.

No Doubt toured 2 and half year following it release. Ending in the fall of 1997. It resulted in the release of filming footage of No Doubt performing in Anaheim Arrowhead Pond. It release as “Live in the Tragic Kingdom”.

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