Story of 1.000.000

We reached the 1.000.000 visitors in the period between april 2007 and 2019. Here is a story about what it means.

1999 till 2002

This period was about introducing me to the site and getting the first influence on the site.
In the period 1999 till 2001. I send mostly news to the site. Which was placed the site after jugdement.
Whitin that period I noticed potential. But it lacked grown. The base was strong but i didn`t renew enough.
I sendeth an idea of how the site should look In April 2001. This action resulted in my got hired in the NDIFC staff. Which were three people at the time. Patrick Larsen the President. Brandon Griggs was the vice-President and Erik Gustaffson the webmaster.
The Erik devaloped the new site. I had in mind.
What happened with the server. Beside building the new site. Wasn`t always No Doubt related. Erik build own personal sites in the server with various subjects.
He misused his position with placing those personal sites. That caused his losing his job as webmaster of the site in October 2001.
The new site was put on hold and the old orginal site returned.
Within that period. Patrick Larsen took over as webmaster.
I was introduced as co-webmaster in March 2002.

2002 till 2008

Shortly after I was introduced as co-webmaster. I had the oppertunity to meet No Doubt.
As non profit organisation. That was my payment. I could finally meet my idols.
No Doubt was touring with their fifth album "Rock Steady". I met then on July 9, 2002.
This event became part of the site structure. Running the site was no longer about something far away. It was something I was part of.
An album cover contest was launched in 2003. Due the new album was that No Doubt was making. I recieved tons of requests with fan-made cover art from fans. This was a very popular event on the site.
That year the No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub celebrated it`s 5th Anniversary.
Gwen Stefani went solo in 2004.
The NDIFC Awards were introduced in 2005. As result of the popular 2003 album cover contest.
In the spring of 2007. A conflict between Patrick and Brandon. Resulted in a move from NDIFC.COM to NDIFC.NET . That happened in april 2007.
Gwen Stefani was touring solo over the world in 2007. That was the 2nd time I had the oppertunity to meet Gwen Stefani. I gave Gwen Stefani the first Awards in person. Which were about a two year period. 2005 and 2006 Awards were presented to Gwen Stefani.
The NDIFC celebrated it`s 10th anniversary in 2008.

2009 till 2010

In 2009 the No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub lost it`s rights to be a fanclub. No Doubt decided to not involve a third party.
We couldn`t call us Fanclub anymore and a change needeth to be made.
This caused in the birth of Magical World of No Doubt.
What also happened was that I got the boss the server. I only had to respect it`s past.
My influence got bigger and this resulted in growth of the site.
First I changed the orginal site into different design.
I wanted to push myself to create a brand new site. With a different format. This resulted in the change from .html to .php . The first .php site was born in june 2010.

2010 till 2012

This period I started discover the world of .php . It was much better then the big .html archive that was created over the years.
I was searching the right design in that period.
Also I wanted to create new rules. A new site is an oppertunity to make it different then the old site.
The first big overviews started to appear.
No Doubt celebrated it`s 25th Anniversary in 2012. I buildeth a section over a calender year period from 2011 till 2012. It was launched in March 2012.

2012 till 2015

With the many hours I worked on the site. I was happy with the response of No Doubt members on the site. With years of absents. The last time was with Gwen Stefani in 2007. It happened on twitter in 2015. When Tony Kanal liked a tweet we posted about his birthday.


Gwen Stefani released her third solo album on March 18, 2016. Gwen Stefani joined our twitter @MagicalWorldND on March 15, 2016. Three days prior to her release of her third solo album.
This same year Gwen Stefani was touring with album tour. I posted an idea of the use of album theme into a story. This became the Truth Story which was posted on October 8, 2016.
At that time nothing I could find with a a simular idea.
Gwen Stefani played the Forum in Los Angeles on October 16, 2016. Which was about a week later. An introduction of the Thruth Wall was made. Fans could write their Truths on a piece of paper and post it on a big board.
My Truth Story and the Thruth Wall at the forum in Los Angeles. Are shown many simularities. That it is most likely. Never official comfirmed. That it was born our of my story. My story was the orginal source of this event.
This was the most strange that happened. An idea was posted on my site and No Doubt forum. It resulted in a physical thing. Where fans had to be interactive and show their emotions. By writing it on paper and placed on a wall.


A new group was born called Dreamcar. This were all the male members of No Doubt (Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young) but without Gwen Stefani. A diffent singer was used for this project and is called Davey Havok.
With this new extenstion of the No Doubt universe. The site had to introduce it to it`s structure.


I saw years of climbing visitors results. With 750.000 in 2016. A 1.000.000 visitors was coming.
The .php site that was born in june 2010. Was hard to put maintenance on. I knew the life spam was ending.
A brilliant idea was born. The old site had it`s limits. I had to seperated everything myself. It was time for change. I build a new .php site with all subjects seperated. This site was born on april 11, 2018. Also I had to be the present for reaching 1.000.000 visitors.
The months that followed. The old site was kept alive. But was downgrading.
I was building a brand new site to make more changes. New oppertunities arrived.
The introduction of portal was born. It`s a good tool be give visitors handy tool to explore the No Doubt world.
My feelings about ending life spam were right. In the fall of 2018. The server wanted to upgrade the .php to a newer version. The old site was build on php 5.6 . It was upgraded to php 7.2 . As result the old site stopped working.
The new site was launched on November 14, 2018.


  • 1999 - 20 year since my first influence to the site.
  • 2009 - 10 year since the I got owner of the site.
  • 2019 - 1.000.000 visitors milestone is reached.
  • A lot has happened over the years. It`s a honour to celebate it`s 1.000.000 on the NDIFC.NET server.
    We had visitors between 1998 and 2007. But there was never an official count on that. So that period had an unkown count of visitors.
    Because of ownership of the server. The period from april 2007 till present. I can say. I done this period myself. So I can count it as personal victory.
    I want to THANK everybody who visited the site over the years and beyond.
    This milestone wasn`t possible without you.

  • February 17, 2019
  • 1998 - 2009 No Doubt Unofficial International Fanclub
  • 2009 - Present Magical World of No Doubt

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