Tom Dumont

Tom Dumont

  1. Member: No Doubt Member
  2. Since 1988
  3. Instrument: Guitars, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Vocal
  4. Side Projects: Invincible Overlord & Dreamcar
  5. Band Prior No Doubt: Rising


  1. Current Status: active

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Tom Dumont played the heavy metal band Rising before joining No Doubt in 1988.

Surfrider Foundation

Tom Dumont is member from Surfrider Foundation. He joined in 1997.

As member of No Doubt he can be heard on Sailing On. On MOM compilation from Surfrider Foundation.

The Douche

According No Doubt bandmember Tom Dumont has an alter ego called the Douche.


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  • 11-jan-1968 - Birthday Tom Dumont


  • 19-feb-2011 - Koa Thomas Dumont 
  • 6-apr-2006 - Ace Joseph Dumont 
  • 18-jun-2008 - Rio Atticus Dumont 


  • 16-sep-1988 First No Doubt show for Tom Dumont
  • 16 sep-2018 30th Anniversary First No Doubt Show for Tom Dumont

Surfrider Foundation

Tom Dumont is Member from Surfrider Foundation since 1997

  • Album: Music For Our Mother Ocean
  • Artist: No Doubt
  • Track: Sailin` On
  • Released: 1996
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

Invincible Overlord

This is a side project featuring Tom Dumont and Ted Matson

  • Artist: Invincible Overlord
  • Released: May 2005
  • Artist: No Doubt
  • Single: Bathwater (Invincible Overlord Remix)
  • From: Singles 1992-2003
  • Released: 2004

Matt Costa

Tom Dumont Produced his album

  • Album: Songs We Sing
  • Released: 26-jul-2005
  • Rereleased: 28-mar-2006
  • Featuring: Tom Dumont, Adrian Young & Gabrial McNair

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