Tony Kanal

Tony Kanal

  1. Member: No Doubt Member
  2. Since 1987
  3. Instrument: Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone
  4. Side Projects: Pink & Dreamcar
  5. Notable Friends: Pink


  1. Current Status: active

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  • Mar-7-2019 Moby`s Adopt The Arts,Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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Tony Kanal is a hugh Prince fan. Prince died in April 2016. Tony has framed his first concert ticket to Prince. 


Tony Kanal worked with Pink on her album Funhouse from 2008. Tony Kanal makes a cameo in the single Funhouse from that album.


Tony Kanal has become Vegan since May 4, 2012. He is memmber from Vegan Club and has his own poster.


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  • 27-aug-1970 - Birthday Tony Kanal


  • 24-jan-2011 - Coco Reese Lakshmi Kanal 
  • 22-nov-2013 - Saffron Rose Kiran Kanal 


  • 15-sep-2010 - Wedding Tony & Erin

Vegan Club

Tony Kanal is Member from Vegan Club

  • Poster: Tony Kanal
  • From: Vegan Club
  • He Became Vegan: 4-may-2012
  • The Vegan Club is a support to become Vegan.


Tony Kanal Co-Wrote Kiss You Up for her Second Album

  • Artist: Shontelle
  • Album: No Gravity
  • Released: 21-sep-2010


Tony Kanal Wrote and Produced a Track on Funhouse

  • Album: Funhouse
  • Released: 24-oct-2008
  • Single: Funhouse
  • Released: 25-aug-2009
  • Writers: Pink, Tony Kanal and  Jimmy Harry
  • Produced: Jummy Harry and Tony Kanal
  • Video: Tony Kanal made a Cameo

Elan Atias

Tony Kanal Produced His Debut Album

  • Artist: Elan Atias
  • Album: Together as One
  • Released: 13-jun-2006

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