Gwen Stefani Superfan Crushes Singer in ‘Who Knows Gwen Stefani?’ Trivia Game on ‘Kimmel’

Billboard - Gwen Stefani visited Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday (Apr. 18) and went head-to-head with one of her most knowledgeable fans, a social worker named Gaiane, in a round of "Who Knows Gwen Stefani?" The "Used to Love You" singer instantly feared she wouldn't be able to recall answers to the obscure questions.

“The thing is that I’m basically Dory, and I don’t remember anything that happened to me before, so [Gaiane]’s for sure gonna win,” Stefani told Kimmel, referencing everyone's favorite cognitively impaired Pixar character from Finding Nemo.

Gaiane, who admitted she's seen Stefani in concert over 100 times, correctly guessed which Prince song featured the No Doubt founder, what company her dad worked for -- thus granting a Sting introduction -- as well as the first song she ever penned ("Different People," which landed on No Doubt's 1995 album Tragic Kingdom).

"Since I was 15, she just inspired me to be who I am," Gaiane sweetly told the audience.

However, the superfan slipped when it came to Stefani's first paying job and the first album she ever purchased. Gaiane still racked up enough points to win, earning herself the prize of Stefani's dress, purse and sunglasses.

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