Riot Fest 15 Year Best Acts No Doubt #6

Riotfest – for our 15th anniversary, we asked fans to vote for the top 15 Riot Fest sets of all time, and the response was overwhelming. Yesterday we shared the first five sets (#11–15), and today we’ve got the next five for you.

We’ve got more memories shared by fans, too—first dates, proposals, and a whole bunch more. Read on below, and check back tomorrow for the final top five performances.

First off, what a badass reunion. Looking back now, of course it’s special knowing they’re (almost definitely) not making any more music, but that show made it feel like it was okay. It was good closure, and seeing them live was better than any new music they could’ve given us.

Also… when and where else would you EVER be able to see Gwen Stefani, Ice Cube and The Academy Is… in the same place? Never before, and never again.

– Megan A.

The energy of Gwen and the band was infectious and the crowd was amazing. When Gwen climbed the scaffolding on the side of the stage it was just icing on the skatastic cake. Just some good old school ska.

– Jason M.

No Doubt. They were my everything growing up. Gwen Stefani was my hero. To see her live, all of them, with as much energy and badassery as the videos I’d watch on MTV… Gwen climbing that stage was my top moment.

– Stephania B.

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