25th Anniversary “Just A Girl”

No Doubt – No Doubts First Single from “Tragic Kingdom” was released 25 Year ago on September 21, 1995.

This single became the song that made No Doubt famous in America. It peaked at Number #23 in the Billboard Hot 100.

In the “Just a Girl” Video they depart from the then current bandhouse on Beacon Street. Which featured in the “The Beacon Street Collection” studio album.

Gwen Stefani`s Sister Jill is featured in the “Just a Girl” video. She was pregnant in that period and you can see that in the video.

The Residency that Gwen Stefani held in Vegas was named after “Just a Girl”.

This single rereleased in the several countries after “Dont speak”. Became the song that made No Doubt famous in those countries. Outside of America.

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