Adrian Young

Adrian Young

  1. Member: No Doubt Member
  2. Since 1989
  3. Instrument: Drums
  4. Side Projects: Dreamcar, Young-Luke Unlimited & The Vandals


  1. Current Status: active

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  • Mar-7-2019 Moby`s Adopt The Arts,Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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Adrian Young is passioned about playing Golf.

Bathwater Video

Adrian Young was dressed as Gwen Stefani in the video from Bathwater. Nobody noticed it.

Hey Baby Video

The scene where Adrian is naked in the rings. Is based on true story. While being a celebrity party he performed that act for real.


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  • 26-aug-1969 - Birthday Adrian Young


  • 9-feb-2002 - Mason James Young


  • 16-jan-2000 - Wedding Adrian & Nina

Young-Luke Unlimited

This is a side project featuring Adrian Young and Luke


Adrian Young is Featured on One Track

  1. Album: Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
  2. Artist: The Vandals
  3. Released: 23-jun-1998